Use the light at night. Leave in sunlight the next day and your light is ready again to use. Night after night and night. Harness the power of the sun for your emergency lightening needs.

Be Ready When The Power Goes Out

Once fully charged, the solar battery charge lasts up to 3 years. The emergency battery back Last up to 7 years. So you will always have light no matter what.

Powered by the sun

SOS solar light will always be ready when you need light.

Natural disaster, power outages, car breakdown at night, camping, backpacking, walking your dog in the evening or anytime you need a light at night,

SOS Solar light is there to help you.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed light, just to find out that your batteries are dead?

Now you never have to worry about this again.  Use the Sun or nearly any other light source to recharge your flashlight over and over again. Use your SOS Solarlight at night. Then recharge it during the day and have your SOS solarlight ready to use again.  Stop wasting money on batteries as your main power supply, use the SUN!

It’s that simple.


Solar Flashlight with compass and dual battery back up system Great for Emergency Power Outages Camping Hiking Walking the Dog Bug out Bag Anytime you need a reliable flashlight.



Made of durable and shock resistant hardened poly-carbonite plastic. Accidentally drop it and it keeps on working when you need it the most.



In the event you don’t have sun or any other light source, a back up battery system provides you with light.



Long lasting bright LED bulb to ensure reliability
when you need it



Lost at night? Your SOS Solar light has a built in compass to find your way safely back home.



Use nearly any light source to charge your flashlight with its built in solar panels. The red indicator light lets you know it’s charging.



Get 8 hours of use on full charge. Once charged, it can hold a charge for several years.



When it’s pouring down rain SOS Solar light water proof design assures you steady lighting in tough conditions.



Solar flash light provides the emergency lighting you need it for your home, car, emergency bag and your loved ones. Order yours today!

Get SOS Solar Light Right Now
Great to have when you need it most

The only flashlight you will ever need

Natural disaster, power outages, car breakdowns at night, camping, backpacking, walking your dog in the evening or anytime you need a light at night, SOS Solar light is there to help you

79 x 44 x 27mm

Solar Flashlight: 0.3W LED; 40-60Lumen

Product size: 79 x 44 x 27mm

Solar Battery: NiMh battery 2.4V 600mAh Dual Back up

Battery system: CR2032 3V*2

Waterproof: YES


Looking for answers? We have them listed below.

Should I charge my solar flashlight when I first receive it?

Yes. While the SOSSolarlight Flashlight is precharged, we always recommend to charge it in the sun for 6-9 hours to optimize your flashlight.

How long does the charge last?

Once fully charged, it lasts for up to 3 years. So you can put in your glove box in your car, or Emergency pack and it will be ready when you need it most.

Can I use my flashlight in the rain?

Yes. The SOSSolarlight is designed for tough weather conditions and will work in the rain.

How long does the light work?

Once fully charged, you should get up to 8 hours of light use. Then simply set in the sun or other light source to recharge for your next use.

How large are the flashlights?

They are 7 inches long and approximately 1 inch wide

How far can I see with the light?

It’s a cone-spot pattern that focuses the light on your object and then extends out. It’s great for a distance of up to 40 feet or more. It’s perfect when a power failure occurs, taking out the trash at night, walking in the neighborhood or working close-up on equipment in a dark or poorly lit area, and similar functions.


Great all-purpose flashlight for the price. I save a lot of money because instead of buying batteries I just put it on my window sill and let the sun charge it up for the next time.

Joe A

I use this for camping and it's great because it's light, durable ( I dropped it a few times and still works great) and even works when it's raining. I also like the fact that I don't have to bring any batteries. Just put it in the sunshine and it's ready for the night.

Steve A

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